HiQuest Group is run by industry veterans who realized that they need to solve big problems for customers - on time, within budget,  exceeding expectations and... with some magic!!

We have deep roots in technology and we are experts in identity solutions and infrastructure operations.  We currently serve industries such as payments, logistics, pharma, healthcare, high-tech, education, biotech, manufacturing, utilities and government.  

Our engagements mostly begin by understanding and appreciating business problems.  This means first learning about our customer's products and services, their customers and competitors, and their culture and challenges.  If we can't get into our customer's shoes, we can't see the world from their perspective and fully understand their business.  Once the business objectives are clear, then comes the human capital: What is the team's composition, goals, skills, experience and aspirations?  It's only after this point that we start looking at technology solutions that make sense, and will achieve business goals.  And then we get to work.  Our project success rate is 100% - really!  We have never failed, but we know that we if keep at it long enough, we someday will.  We just hope that failure is not with you.

We have worked for garage-based Silicon Valley startups and we have delivered for Fortune 500 companies.  If we take a dollar in fees, we will do a great job, because we want to earn you as a customer for life.  We have never lost a customer for lack of service; though we have because our customer circumstances changed.

We currently work in several areas of IT.  For the areas we don't offer services in, we have built a complete vendor ecosystem so that you don't have to do any legwork to find the right partner for a project.

Please contact us and meet us once with your IT problem.  We assure you that the meeting will be highly productive, you will learn something new (as shall we) and we will have a fun conversation.  Perhaps we will become your partners in success.  If not, you will have another good contact in your already impressive network!!