We resell security and identity products

Hiquest resells best-of-breed security and identity products.  Both SailPoint and SecureAuth are proven to be robust, elegant and secure solutions.  Buying from Hiquest assures you complete success.  We provide the complete lifecycle service including requirements analysis, use cases review, guidance with feature comparison, product selection, best pricing, implementation, ongoing managed services and QBRs.


SailPoint’s identity platform provides its customers with a unique competitive advantage. Driven by that conviction, we continue to usher innovation throughout the identity governance market.


 SecureAuth enables companies to determine identities with absolute confidence. Whether you're seeking to continuously secure employee, customer or partner access, SecureAuth's flexible and adaptive platform makes everything fast, frictionless and pain-free. Guaranteed.  Adaptive Authentication acts like layers in a bulletproof vest — analyzing multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login, thwart attacks in-process, and keep your valuable resources and data safe.

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