Our projects offerings are constructed to take care of important customer needs in infrastructure life-cycle management. Some typical and oft-requested projects are outlined in this section. We provide a wider choice of project work options. Please contact us to discuss your specific project needs. Our unique, high-value proposition in this area is that unlike pure consultants who do projects and then disappear leaving you with little knowledge, but full responsibility to operate the systems, HiQuest can take on those duties. You are double assured of our project work and you know that we will be there 24x7 by your side when operational issues arise or changes have to be made at a short notice. Please do take a moment to peruse our IT Managed Services.

  • Migrate to colocation facility

  • Migrate to and from IaaS (AWS and Azure)

  • Implement monitoring for dedicated infra and IaaS instances

  • Automated patching

  • Design and implement backup and DR infra