24x7 Operations

24x7 Operations are designed to keep your systems up and available around-the-clock.  Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is a well-connected facility that’s staffed with engineers who can triage alerts and respond to them in real time.  NOC also responds to all tickets and in-bound calls to our 24-hour helpline.  We install and utilize detailed, threshold-level monitoring to keep a watchful eye on your systems.  Our engineers are available daytime, nights, weekends and holidays to respond to incidents; so you can rest assured that your business will be supported 24x7.


24x7 Monitoring & Alert Backup Job Screening

  • Engineers watching system alerts 24x7x365

  • Filtering of monitoring alerts according to preset rules for ignoring

  • Triage of alerts based on priority

  • Problem identification and escalation

24x7 Execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Ops engineers follow SOPs in response to anticipated incidents

  • Escalate to designated contacts within HiQuest and Customer for issues outside SOPs, or when SOPs fail to resolve the issues

24x7 Manual Checks

  • Scan Anti-Virus reports, detect infections, escalate incidents

  • Check emailed reports and detect predefined problem signals

Standard Service Requests

  • Adjust thresholds, notifications and workflows in the monitoring system

  • Security reports and periodic evidence collection for audit compliance

  • Reset locked service accounts

  • Spin up a new Virtual Machine (VM) from a template

  • Capture Perfmon counters

Periodic OS Patching (Security Updates)

  • Check for Windows security patches monthly and report recommended OS patches

  • Apply patches on a regular schedule approved in consultation with customer

Resource Cleanup

  • Generate disk usage report, detect issues, get approval to purge and perform cleanup

  • Quarterly VM usage review and re-balance VMs

  • Annual tape capacity or cloud vault review and identification of procurement needs

Periodic Clean Up Archiving

  • Update firmware on servers

  • Update blade chassis firmware and management module code

  • Update firmware on DRAC/iLO/BMC/RSA cards

  • NIC driver updates

  • Hypervisor updates (minor version upgrades)


Managed Services

Typically added on top of our 24x7 Operations service, Managed Services is a unified set of services to keep your infrastructure running continuously and reliably. Together, they form a comprehensive service that allows your company to focus on information, while leaving both technology operations and management to us. We customize our services for each customer, down to the task level in each service area. This allows to you fine-tune and control how your systems will be managed to suit your exact needs.


Server Administration

  • Windows Administration

  • Hardware Administration

  • Active Directory Administration

  • Virtualization Administration

  • Anti-Malware Administration

Network Administration

  • MPLS, IPsec, WAN, ISP relationships

  • Router, BGP, OSPF

  • Firewalls, IPS/IDS and SSL VPN gateways

  • WAN accelerators

  • Load balancers

  • Switches (layer 2 and layer 3), VLANs

  • Maintenance of device management backup, network monitoring, and bandwidth monitoring tools

Storage Administration

  • Storage array

  • SAN Fabric, zone and multipath

  • iSCSI drivers and configuration

  • SAN fiber switches

  • RAID Groups, Storage Pools and LUNs

  • Snapshots and clones

  • Host side HBA and MPIO

  • SAN based backups

  • Performance profiler

Backup Administration

  • Tape Library

  • Tape offsiting

  • Online Backups

  • Backup software

  • Backup client agent

  • Backup scripts

  • Archiving

Application Infrastructure Management

  • Exchange Administration

  • Database Administration

  • Application Platform Administration